Virtual Faders on Panel Showing NONE and No Options

Updated by Jose Lemus


This document will show you a fix when a virtual fader on a panel that is hardware mapped to a console fader, and is not showing what is on the physical fader.


When you open the panel to use the faders and control your console, you see some faders might populate correctly while others say none and nothing seems to be working on them.

This seems to be an issue with PowerStations at the moment. We haven't seen this on consoles that are connected to Engines.


  1. Close the panel if not already.
  2. Open Pathfinder Core on your web browser and navigate to the Device tab and search for the PowerStation or Engine in question.
  3. Click on the Recycle Connections link.

If you go to open the panel again and it's still not working please call us or email and we can dig a little more on your issue.

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