Z/IPStream X/2 Manual License Activation

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This document describes how to perform manual activation when the PC is not connected to the Internet.


If you install the Z/IPStream X/2 or 9X/2 software on a PC with only local network access, normal license activation will not work, and manual activation will be required. Depending on the version you are running, your license may show "Pending Activation" forever. This is true for any versions before 1.23.08.

Your options are; give the PC temporary Internet access until the activation is complete or install software version 1.23.08 or higher and manually activate the software.

As of this writing, version 1.23.08 currently still in Beta. See below for the step by step procedure to perform a manual activation.


  1. Download X/2 beta version 1.23.08 from here.
  2. Uninstall your existing X/2 and then install v1.23.08.
  3. Open the webpage configuration interface and select the "Licenses" page.
  4. Click the "Add" button, enter your license key, and click "Save." Eventually, you should see a "Connection Failed" message.
  5. Highlight the license key and then click "Activate."

The manual license activation page will open.

  1. Highlight the entire Request Code string and then copy and paste it to a text file. Then save that file to a USB flash stick.
  2. Take the USB flash stick to another PC that has Internet access, open a browser and navigate to https://secure.telos-systems.com/
  3. Copy & paste the Request Code string into the box and then click the "Submit" button
  4. The system will respond with your activation code string.
  1. Highlight the entire string, copy & paste it into a text file on the USB flash stick (or append the existing text file).
Make sure to include the ## at the beginning and end; these are part of your activation code.
  1. Back at the X/2 PC, paste that string into the "Enter Activation Code below:" box and then click "Save."
  2. Now check the Licenses page. The license should say, "OK."

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