Migrating Z/IPStream X/2 or 9X/2 Settings to a New PC

Updated 3 months ago by Mark Manolio

All user settings for Z/IPStream X/2 are stored in an options.xml file. So all you need to do is copy that file from the old PC to the new PC. To find it, go to the Windows Start menu where the list of programs is listed and scroll all the way down to "ZIPStream X2". Expand the list and choose "Locate Options.xml file":

Save the file and copy it to a convenient location on your network or to a USB flash drive.

Once X/2 is installed on the new PC, simply locate the file on the new PC and then replace it with the one you saved from the old PC.

As for the license, if you get the "activations exceeded" message when applying your license key, please contact us with the license key and we can reset it for you.

Omnia.9 processing and client audio presets are saved separately using the NfRemote application.

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