Password Reset For Omnia 11

Updated 10 months ago by Mark Manolio

If you are locked-out of your Omnia 11, you can regain access by sending Omnia support the MAC address and Passcode as shown on the front panel lock screen after touching the "?" icon in the lower-right-hand corner:

You can send a photo of this screen or write down the MAC and passcode carefully.

They will then send you a temporary password that will unlock the unit at the full access level. Touch "OK" and enter the temporary password.

You'll then need to change the password to something suitable for you.

Touch the "Setup" button and then the "Security" icon button at the top of the screen. Enter the temporary password in the “Old Password” box, the new password in both of the “New Password” boxes and then touch the “Change Password” button. Be sure to make note of your new password!

NOTE: This same password is also used for remote control access and can be changed from the remote webpage interface as well.

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