Fanless Engine Corrective Field Action Recommendation

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This Corrective Field Action (CFA) impacts the following products:

  • 2001-00305 - Zephyr iPort (FANLESS) MPEG Gateway
  • 2001-00378 - Zephyr iPort MPEG Gateway + Content Delay
  • 2001-00306 - Axia Studio Mix Engine (FANLESS) 
  • 2001-00296 - Pathfinder Core PRO (FANLESS)
  • 2001-00307 - VX Engine (FANLESS) 
  • 2001-00424 - VX Prime VoIP System 
  • 2001-00304 - Omnia.8X (FANLESS) Multi-stream Processor 
Although each product may differ slightly in color and labeling, all products affected by this CFA use this form factor.


 Telos Alliance has identified a rare failure mode in certain products that incorporates our 2U 19” Rackmount "Fanless Engine" (the “Fanless Engine”). The Fanless Engine was used in older versions of VX, iPort, Omnia 8X, and Pathfinder, and also on Studio Engines. Over the 10-plus year service life of the Fanless Engine, it has been shipped in about 4,000 products, and Telos Alliance has identified a total of 2 failures of the type referenced in this field action recommendation. Products incorporating the Fanless Engine are listed below.

Note that the serial number from your unit is required to ensure you receive the correct information.

Failure Characterization

The failure of concern is in the power distribution inside the Fanless Engine. A short circuit may cause localized overheating. Telos Alliance’s products are safety tested, Certified CE compliant, and use non-flammable materials. In an abundance of caution, Telos Alliance offers its users a kit for corrective action to eliminate the risk of internal component damage.

Corrective Action

Telos Alliance has designed a corrective kit containing a replacement power distribution cable that includes a slow-blow fuse (the “Kit”) that will reduce the excessive current that has created the concern in the Fanless Engine. The Kit will be provided without charge and includes detailed instructions so that a qualified electronics technician can install it.

To get more information, please contact or your local Telos Alliance dealer. To help us track field upgrades, and ensure you get the correct Kit, your equipment’s serial number will be required.

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