Using NfRemote to Monitor Loudness

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This document applies to anything that uses NfRemote as a monitoring tool.


I was wondering if there is a way to measure/view the LUFS within NFRemote? I’m trying to get a sense of how “loud” our current processing is.


Yes! NfRemote has several ways to look at loudness. Here's a screenshot showing all of them:

The first 3 display LUFS and are under "Loudness Meters" in Display Settings.

To access Display Settings, simply click on one of the displays.

The (BS-412) "power" graph and numerical modulation displays are under "Modulation Monitor".

In the screenshot, they are all looking at the MPX output. But there are 5 options for the loudness graphs in the "Source:" dropdown:

In the Loudness graph (next to the loudness meters) I expanded the Y-axis zoom and center a bit to get more resolution. You can even use the History slider to look back in time!

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