How do I automatically mute the Ringer when my IQ console is On-Air

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This document covers the steps needed to automatically mute the VSet phone ringer when your Console is on the air. This document applies to the entire iQ line of consoles that includes iQ, iQx, Radius, RaQ, and DesQ. Use this method with either the VX or Hx6/iQx phone systems.


Customers will often ask about the steps needed to mute the Vset phone ringer when the mics are on. There are several ways to accomplish this, including fully turning the ringer off or wiring some GPIO. There is a more straightforward, more automatic way, and we will cover that here.

Muting the Vset phone

Even though you may not have the expansion module for your iQ (the RaQ and DesQ don't have that option), the Console still supports the Vx, Hx, or iQx phone systems.

  1. From the web interface of your Console, navigate to each Show Profile where you want this Muting to happen.
  2. Locate the Phone section of the Show Profile. The phone section is located right below the Fader assignments.
  3. Enter the Phone Server IP. This is the IP Address of your VX, IQx, or Hx phone system. You can also click the Browse window to the right and pick from that list.
The default assumes "user" for a user name and no password. If you have assigned a password, you will need to modify the information to match manually. The format (as shown in the image) is user:password@host. So in our example, if the password is 1234, the information would look like this; user:1234@
  1. Enter or browse for the Studio Name. If you browse for the Studio Names and they are displayed, then you know you have the login credentials entered correctly.
You do not need to specify a Show Name. Leave this blank.
  1. Save your profile.

Complete this for any other Show Profiles where you need this behavior then reload the Show Profile on your console to implement the change.

Check for Proper function

With this configuration, and Vset Phones that are assigned to this same Studio and are in the Talent mode will automatically mute and unmute when the On-Air light is on.

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