Headsets that are compatible with the Telos VSet

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Most passive headsets using the standard RJ9/RJ10/RJ22 connector with standard headset pinout will work. You can see the pinout below (shown from the point of view of the jack the connector plugs into).

When shopping around, remember that an RJ9/RJ10/RJ22 connector is much smaller than an RJ11 connector.









The headset pinout is the same as the handset pinout.

There is no way to connect a USB headset to a VSet directly. VSet is designed to work with passive headsets. If the use of a USB headset is required, use a computer running one of the various call screening software suites available for Telos Alliance talkshow systems.

Specific Models

Headset models come and go rapidly. It is impossible to keep a full list of all headsets updated continuously, and the models linked here may be discontinued at any time. However, headsets listed here were known to work at the time of writing. Any headset that is cross-compatible with these will also work.

Poly HW510-A10


Mono headset. Volume and clarity seem spot-on.

May require separate purchase of the Poly A10 Direct Connect Cable.

VXi UC ProSet 10V DC


This headset feels nice and sounds good.

Requires separate purchase of the Jabra QD 1026V VXI cord:


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