Using MPX Over AES (Omnia Direct) on the Omnia.9

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This TelosHelp doc explains how to set the Omnia.9 up to output MPX over AES/EBU.


Find out how to set the Omnia.9's up to output MPX over AES/EBU.


In System / I/O Options / Main Outputs you can use either the "Main FM Out 1" or "Main FM Out 2" AES/EBU output for composite over AES (Omnia Direct). Here I have set "Main FM Out 2" to the MPX over AES setting:

The normal composite MPX output level controls in System / I/O Options / FM Options / MPX are used to set the Omnia Direct composite output levels.

This must be connected only directly to an exciter/transmitter that supports composite over AES. This is a very wide bandwidth, uncompressed signal at a high sample rate so can't be sent through a codec.
The cable you use is really important. Many AES cables won’t even pass 192 kHz data beyond a few feet. The best AES cable we've seen so far is the Belden 1800B cable. Many high quality Cat 6 cables will also pass this signal with excellent results.
If you are running the base sample rate of your Omnia.9 at 44.1kHz, the MPX sample rate shown will be 176kHz instead of 192 kHz.

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