Obtaining logs from your PDM

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This applies to all versions of the 25-Seven Program Delay Manager (PDM)


Customer asks where the logs are located on the PDM and how do you download them.


In order to download the logs from your PDM you will need to know the IP Address of your unit as well as the password.

The password can be seen and changed from the front panel of the PDM by navigating to the System and the Password menu.

The user name is always: pdmweb
The default password is: pdmwebBxxx where xxx is the module ID of your unit. For example, if the Module ID was B649 then the default password (from the factory) would be "pdmwebB649"

The logs are downloaded by a hidden web page. To that end, your PDM must be connected to a network where you can access it by a Web browser. We are making the assumption that your unit is already connected to a network and so we will not cover that here.

To access these logs;

  1. Using a web browser, navigate to this link -

You will need to replace the IP address in the link with what ever the IP address of your PDM is. In this example the IP Address of the PDM is

  1. Enter your user name and password.
  2. You will be prompted to download and save a file that ends in .bin. Save this file somewhere on your computer.
The name of the file will be PDMNAME-DATE_Log.bin
  1. Proceed as instructed with the downloaded file.

The .bin file is simply a zipped file. You can rename it to .zip and unzip it with many popular archive tools. If you are attempting to email this file, your email system or the receiver email system may not like the .bin extension. It is suggested that you rename the extension to something other than .bin before sending. It can be renamed to anything that is not "executable", like .bi_ or .b_n.

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