Reset lost password on QOR consoles

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How does one reset a forgotten password on a QOR?


Here are the instructions to reset: 

The following procedure only works in software versions OLDER than 2.2.  In version 2.2 the admin user was removed. If you are running a version older than 2.2, please proceed. If you are running version 2.2 or higher please go to the end of this document.
  1. Access the web interface, select the Setup page
  1. at login, type admin with no password

  1. Navigate to the setup page and select change the password for the user (not the admin). 
By selecting the change button without adding any text, the field should restore the default of no password.
 ** CAUTION ** while you can change the admin password there is no mechanism to change that if forgotten.  If the admin password is changed and forgotten the entire unit would need to be factory reset. We recommend NOT changing the admin password.

Clearing password in version 2.2 or higher.

To clear the "user" password in version 2.2 or higher, we need to remove the htaccess.cfg file. To do this;

  1. Using Putty or some other telnet program, connect to the QOR on standard telnet port 23
No login is required.
  1. From the terminal window, type the command;
rm /config/iq/htaccess.cfg
  1. Reboot after removing the file. 

Your password has been removed and you can now login with the user name "user" and no password (leave the password field blank).

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