Setting the xNode up to receive an 8-channel (surround) stream

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This document applies to only the Analog and AES versions of the Telos Alliance xNode. Surround mode is not supported in the Mixed Signal or xSelector versions of the xNode.


Surround mode receive is only supported using an Analog or AES/EBU xNode and is only available as an option from Destination 1. Only 2-channel and 8-channel receive modes are currently supported.

  1. Select the Destinations from the Left side menu of your xNode
  1. From the Type pull down for the FIRST destination, select Surround: Front L, R as shown here.
Only the first Destination has this option. If you do not see this option listed you are not on the first Destination, or you are not using an AES/EBU or Analog xNode.
  1. Supply a valid Livewire channel or AES67 multicast address in Channel/Address field. In this example, we have used the AES67 multicast address
  2. Click Apply.

The display will change as shown here. The system will automatically configure all four outputs and the display will remove your ability to configure outputs 2 - 4. They are pre-configured by your choice in the first step.

In this mode the following outputs are pre-defined. They are given names like Center and LFE, but they can be anything you put in the stream.

  • AES Out 1 - Front L, R (channels 1 and 2 of the stream)
  • AES Out 2 - Center, LFE (channels 3 and 4 of the stream)
  • AES Out 3 - Back L, R (channels 5 and 6 of the stream)
  • AES Out 4 - Stereo L, R (channels 7 and 8 of the stream)

The Analog node follows the same convention.

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