PDM Rack Ears

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This document pertains to the 25-Seven Program Delay Manager.

  • 2001-00350-000: Program Delay Manager – AES & Analog
  • 2001-00351-000: Program Delay Manager – LIVEWIRE Only

The parts mentioned here also work the legacy 25-Seven Precision Delay.

  • 2001-00354-000 Precision Delay - AES
  • 2001-00355-000 Precision Delay – LIVEWIRE

The Rack Ears

If you're in need of a replacement rack ear, contact Customer Support and ask for pricing and availability of part # 1451-00728-102.

The same rack ear is interchangeable between both sides of the PDM, meaning you can order two of the same ear if you need a set of rack ears.

Each ear needs three 6-32 x 1/4" flathead screws. These can be picked up at your local hardware store or ordered using part # 1301-00232-100.

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