Replacing 9mm Button Caps on QOR Consoles

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This document covers replacing the smaller-sized button caps for the following QOR consoles:

  • iQ console (and expansion frames)
  • iQx console
  • Radius console
  • DESQ
  • RAQ

For directions on how to replace the On and Off caps of a QOR console, click here.

The Caps

Over time, the button caps can become cracked or broken from excessive (or aggressive) use. The good news is that they are field replaceable.

The same button caps are used on all of the QOR consoles.

If a cap needs to be replaced, contact customer support and ask for pricing and availability using the below part numbers.

Replacing the Caps

The caps can be pulled out using a pair of needle-nose pliers. We suggest using long nose locking pliers. Set the lock just tight enough to grip the cap. Using locking pliers prevents over tightening the grip.

To remove, GENTLY grab the button cap with the pliers and pull straight up.

When grabbing the cap, be careful not to scratch the surface of the console.

To install the cap, simply press it firmly onto the switch. You will hear a click when it locks into place.

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