Vset12 and Vset6 Software Update v1.3.5 Instructions and Release Notes

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Telos Vset-12, Vset-6 Software Update Instructions and Release Notes

This software update is for Vset12 and Vset6 ONLY, do not attempt to load Vset Call Controller software into Vset Desktop Controller or Vset Console Controller. That information can be found here.

Telos firmware updates may include future enhancements, refinements, and operational fixes. This document will guide you through the firmware update process for the Telos VSet phoneset family.

REQUIRED SOFTWARE ALERT To ensure correct operation, VSet 1.20 software is a required update for VX systems running 1.1.4-5.12300 or greater. Please make certain your VX Engine is running the latest software release.
IMPORTANT: Your VSet’s Web Interface password will be reset to an empty string after applying this update! If you previously used a web interface password, please make a note of it and set it again after applying the update.

VSet Phone Upgrade

A PC with Web browser is required to update the VSet phones. To the IP address of a VSet, press the Menu button on the VSet and choose the Setup screen.

1) Enter the VSet IP address in your PC’s Web browser. You will be asked for a user name and password.

  • Default username is “user”.
  • Default password is not set – leave this field empty.

2) On the VSet’s Web page, click the Choose File button in the Firmware Upgrade section and highlight your new firmware file using the navigation window that opens. Click the Open button to select the file for upload. VSet phones have two “software banks” for firmware storage; new software will be loaded to the bank that is currently inactive

3) Press the Upgrade button. You will be notified that the new firmware file is uploading to the Vset. When done, the screen will display “Firmware successfully uploaded to bank n” Press the Activate new firmware now button.

4) The new firmware bank will be active and the VSet will reboot. After 40 seconds, the Web page will refresh and will see the newly uploaded firmware in the Firmware Version list

  • Note that you can switch between the two firmware banks using the Change bank button should you need to revert to an earlier version

VSet Firmware Revision History:

  • 1.3.5 Fix a lockup issue when show is loaded with calls already on hybrid.
  • 1.3.0 Add support for line comment metadata marker Allow negative values as SSID in LWCP Fix call history and address book size being 3 items less than maximum Fix call history time field to be of time_t type, not unsigned Fix call history entries with local/remote NULL being ignored
  • 1.2.4 Fix line updates on 24-line mode change Reduce framerate and frame count for 24-line mode Add 24-line mode Fix potential crash on malformed LWCP messages Ignore advertiser reports with IP0 Fix 'sip:' prefix present in line name straight after connect
  • 1.2.3 Use git hash for VSet's version revision Fix auto dial and prompted drop hold menu items not decreasing
  • 1.2.2 Fix prompted drop/hold to always prompt when enabled Fix mute menu option change being sent to whole studio instead of only local VSet unit
  • 1.2.1 Allow locking fixed fader lines

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