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This document provides an explanation of all of the licensing options for the MPX Node and when and if they are needed.


What license options must I purchase for my MPX Nodes to send the same MPX stream to multiple decoders? And what is the Multicast license for?


To send the same MPX stream to multiple decoders, you simply need more licenses for the encoder. The encoder comes with a 2-stream license. Additional licenses are sold in "packs" of 2 and the limit is 16 streams. ie. one encoder can send up to 16 streams, multicast or unicast.

The Multicast license is only for the decoder and is needed only if you are using a multicast network. Just like Axia devices, MPX Node can send and receive multicast streams over private networks. While the timing constraints are not present in MPX Node the rest of the restrictions about how multicast works apply to MPX Node, just like Axia.

Here are the Part numbers and list prices:


2 Additional Output Stream License - Part#: 3002-00006-100.

4 Additional Output Stream License - Part# 3002-00007-100.


Multicast Stream Receiver License - Part# 3002-00008-100.

Contact your dealer for pricing.

You also do not need a license for hot standby functionality. You simply need multiple encoders. These can be pointed at the same receive port if you want packet-by-packet failover. The other choice is to send one stream to the main port and another to the alternate port. Using GPIO or the web interface you can switch between the two.

The bandwidth used depends on the bitrate selected for each stream.

Other MPX Node info can be found in our new TelosHelp pages for that product here.

The manual can be found here.

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