Updating the Dice Firmware in Omnia.9

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This document details how to download and install the updated DICE driver in the Omnia.9 (MkII units only)


Beta software version 3.20.32 and higher (the latest beta as of this writing is v3.30.79) for the Omnia 9 MkII contains both a new software version and an internal firmware update for the internal DICE chip that we think will improve communications and reduce log file entries.

We suggest you install this on any MkII units where you are seeing a greater number of Dice communication reset log entries, as this should help reduce frequency of resets.

The main software version is installed through NfRemote as usual and then once that is installed and running, the option to update the Dice driver will appear in System / System Configuration / Software Update. This will need to be installed on-site because the unit will need to be power-cycled after the update. See the warning directly below.
The unit MUST be physically power-cycled after the DICE update!


Verify that the unit to be updated is a MkII unit in System / System Status / System Information. "Hardware Version:" should say "Mk II".

The v3.30.79 software will load and run fine but the option to "Update Dice" will not appear on MkI units.

1)To proceed, download the beta software update file here. (depending on your browser, you may need to right-click the link)

2) Install the software in the normal way.

3) If you have downloaded and installed version 3.30.73 or higher, you may install the DICE update from NfRemote by clicking on "Update DICE to 1000b" in System / System Configuration / Software Update.

4) Once the update is completed, remove power from the unit, wait 30 seconds, then reconnect power.

5) Once the firmware is installed, you can verify that it has properly loaded by viewing the System/System Status/ Hardware Info page, and verifying the Dice Firmware Version is "1000b":

The update is complete. You can return the unit back to normal service.

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