How to factory reset an xNode using telnet

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The following procedure can be used to factory reset the xNode family of nodes. This includes all versions of xNode, the Axia xSwitch, and xSelector.


The standard factory reset procedure is to press and hold both front panel buttons on an xNode (both knobs on xSelector) while powering up the device. Often this is impractical or even impossible without an extra person because you can't reach the power cord AND hold the buttons at the same time. Using the following steps, you can use telnet to issue the factory reset and reboot it as two separate steps.

Issuing the factory reset command by telnet is INSTANT. You will are not asked for confirmation, and you MUST manually reboot the xNode (power cycle) after sending the reset command.

WARNING: DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS PROCESS REMOTELY AS YOU MUST REMOVE AND RESTORE POWER TO COMPLETE THE PROCESS. The IP address will also need to be re-configured at the front panel afterwards.
  1. Using PuTTy or another Telnet program, make a telnet connection to port 23 of your xNode.
Note that as of version 2.4.6, for security purposes, telnet is disabled by default. You can enable/disable telnet in the System menu of your device.
  1. When prompted, enter the user name of "user."
  2. If you have changed the password, it is whatever you set for the web page login. Otherwise, the password is blank (just press ENTER at the password prompt).
  3. From the prompt, run the following command
/home>sh /usr/factoryreset

The factory reset script will run the following commands;

Shell invoked to run file: /usr/factoryreset
Command: rm /etc/config/*
Command: cd /etc/default/
Command: cp net.cfg resolv.conf syslogd.conf group passwd start /etc/config/
Command: /usr/cgi-bin/cgi_sys -reboot 4

Your telnet connection will be closed.

  1. Power cycle your xNode.

Your node is set back to factory defaults.

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