Flashing SYNC Indication on Livewire Devices


This document specifically discusses xNode and Legacy Axia and VX nodes, but can be applied to any Livewire device.


Each AoIP network needs a clock. The clock aligns the encoders and the decoders that handle the digital audio streams on a network. Each AoIP device on the network needs to sync its internal circuits to this clock. Each Node or xNode has a SYNC indicator on the front panel:

When this indicator is solid, the internal timing circuitry is locked in with the network clock. When this indicator is flashing, it means it's making adjustments to its internal timing circuits in attempt to match up clocking.

It's normal for a node or any other Livewire device to have flashing sync indications when they first appear on the network or upon booting up. It's also normal to see this on several devices when the clock source has changed.

This indicator should become solid after a few minutes. If it continues flashing for longer than 10 or 15 minutes, it's time to take a look at some things:

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