Vset Desktop or Console Control update instructions

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DO NOT attempt to load software intended for the Telos VSet Phone controller into these units. They are different and doing so will render your Desktop or Console control inoperative.

This document covers software updates for the VSet Desktop controller and the Vset Console Controller Electronics package.

The Desktop controller is built in an enclosure intended to sit on the desktop.

The Electronics package is just the electronics built into other manufacturer's consoles.

Both are the same units.


These units shipped from the factory with version 1601-00548-001 Version 0.5.0-1.

A couple of updates have been made to improve reliability and address lockups reported by some customers. Version 1.0.3-0 addresses these issues and is the most recent version as of this writing.

Installing the update

The Vset controller (like many Telos products) uses multiple software banks for updating. Software is loaded to the inactive bank and then activated as a separate step. You can see the two banks here. Bank 2 (with the blue dot is the current bank and is shown with the (active) indication.

Two steps may be required depending on what version is currently running on your system. you must be running 0.9.9-0 in order to update to 1.0.3-0. If you are running a version lower than 0.9.9, please click here to download 0.9.9-0.

If you are already running version 0.9.9-0, please proceed with installing 1.0.3 in the next section

  1. Using your web browser, enter the IP address of your Controller. Log in with the name user (the default password is blank or no password)
  2. Click Choose File under the Firmware Upgrade heading. Select the 0.9.9-0 version you just downloaded, then lick Upgrade.
  3. Once uploaded, the unused bank will show this new version.

Activate the bank to run this new version

  1. Select the inactive bank (in our example, it's Bank 1
  2. Click Change bank
This does not reboot your entire system, only this Controller. Calls will function normally on the system, but you can not use this Controller during the reboot.

Verify the new version now has the bubble selected next to the Bank indicator and that 0.9.9-0 now shows (active)

Install version 1.0.3

  1. Click here to download version 1.0.3-0 and save it to your computer.
  2. Following the same steps above, choose the file and upgrade the firmware.
  3. Once loaded into the inactive bank, select that bank and then click the Change bank button.

The update is now complete.

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