Generating SDP Files

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The intent of this page is to allow you to easily create an SDP file for a Livewire channel where one may not exist. For example, the Axia IP Audio Driver is AES67 complaint, however, there is no place to "download" a specific SDP file to describe the channel. That is the intent of this document.

However, this could also be used to generate other SDP files as needed. The format of the SDP file is not specific to Livewire. Put the IP address of the device you wish to describe, and put ANYTHING (the number 1) for a Livewire channel. You can then copy and paste the text and make any changes required.

For example, you could change the c= line to address your specific AES67 multicast channel.
You could change the m= line if your channel did NOT use UDP port 5004 for the RTP stream.
It's a good reference for what a properly formatted SDP file might look like and so it can be applied (nearly) universally.

Click here to see an example of an SDP file and its explanation.

Using this form

Fill in the IP Address of the device generating the Livewire channel and the Livewire channel number. The text of the SDP file will be displayed below.

Copy and paste the results into a text editor and save it with any name you like. For example, for channel 11401, you could name the file 11411.sdp.
Axia SDP generator
Source node IP address:
Livewire channel number:
A good reference for SDP files is on this Wikipedia page or RFC 4566, which can be found at

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