Building microphone test cables for Axia devices

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Most Axia devices that have audio inputs and outputs also have a self-test utility for testing them. Testing the Microphone inputs on the Power Station, QOR, and the classic (original) Axia Mic nodes, requires a special cable connecting the RJ45 outputs to the XLR inputs. This document covers building that cable but does not cover the test procedure.


The self-test procedure for devices where there is an XLR microphone input requires a special cable for testing. This cable connects the RJ45 outputs to the XLR inputs with a resistor network to provide the proper level at the XLR inputs.

You will need two cables for testing Power Station and possibly four for testing a QOR.

To construct this cable, you will need (per cable);

  • XLR Male connector
  • Qty 4 - 39k Ohm resistors
  • Qty 1 - 150 Ohm resistor
  • Pre-made (or self-made) Cat 5 cable with an RJ45 connector on one end.
  • Soldering and assembly tools
A 6ft, pre-made, Cat5 cable can be easily cut in half and used to build two test cables.

Here is the schematic showing the wiring of the test cable. If you would like to download a PDF of this drawing, click here.

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