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As we look back over two decades of supplying Audio over IP (AoIP) networks, all of us here at Telos Alliance feel a great sense of pride in our accomplishments and we're humbled to see how far AoIP has come since we introduced it over twenty years ago. Back in the year 2000, very few had heard of AoIP, yet here in 2022, AoIP technology has been adopted far and wide. As Telos Alliance prepares to enter our third decade of providing AoIP, let’s take a look back at what we’ve done and then examine where we’re headed in the future–specifically around the topic of Ethernet switches.


Until the adoption of AES67 (which very much constitutes SMPTE 2110-30), media networks were based on a number of different proprietary standards. The ratification of AES67 in 2013 was a game-changing moment in our industry because it was the first time there was a true standard (albeit not as “plug and play” as Livewire). With a standard finally in place, the industry could begin to truly think about interoperability.

The broadcast industry can count on Telos Alliance as a trusted educator and thought-leader. One key area that we’ve focused on involves Ethernet Switches. After all, one key advantage of AoIP is that Telos can focus on the specific solutions to help our industry while we use commercially available Ethernet technology to connect the network together.

....and today

Because of the widespread adoption of IP in Media facilities, we have also seen a renaissance in the area of available Ethernet switches available to power “media networks.” Companies like Arista, Netgear and Juniper are competing vigorously with longtime mainstays Cisco, Hewlett Packard and Huawei to be selected in media facilities worldwide. The use of Ethernet switches in media applications is routine and so are the choices now available as compared to even five years ago.

Which switch should I use?

The answer is “that depends”—primarily on the size of the system you're planning and features of the switch itself (think dual PSU, POE and fanless options).

If you want to build a conventional Ethernet network for your Axia studios, Telos VX phone systems or Telos Infinity Intercom systems we recommend taking a look at our growing list of Ethernet Switches That Have Been Used for Livewire+. We have separated various switch makes/models categorized for the best role they play in various sized networks

What about Network Interface Cards for my PC or Server?

With the plethora of network adapters available, there are far too many for us to test them all. For reliable operation we recommend picking network cards that are supported by your PC vendor with the specific drivers for the operating system you’re running. Most customers are doing well with the variety of Intel or Realtek brands of desktop Ethernet adapters for the PC. For the server, onboard or separate cards from brands like Intel and Broadcom are up to the job when the OS has full driver support

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