Updating the DICE Driver

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This document details how to download and install the updated DICE driver in the Omnia.9SG.


Version 3.20.32 (beta as of this writing) for the Omnia 9sg contains both a new 9sg software version and an internal firmware update for the internal DICE chip that we think will improve communications and reduce log file entries. The 3.20.32 software version can be installed through NF Remote, however, the DICE update is not accessible from NFRemote, and must be installed using a USB flash drive from the unit's front panel.   We suggest you install this on any units where you are seeing a greater number of Dice communication reset log entries, as this should help reduce frequency of resets.


To proceed, download the 3.20.32 software update .pak file here. (depending on your browser, you may need to right-click the link)

First install the 3.20.32 software (either using NF Remote or from the unit's front panel) Next, copy the 3.20.32 pak file onto a blank USB flash drive. Make sure it is the only file on the drive.  Insert the drive in the unit's USB port, log in and go to the System / System Config / SW Update page:

Scroll down to the USB Update page: 

Select Run Updater: 

You'll see an off-air warning screen, Select YES to proceed

Select the DICE 200 MBPS box and press Enter

Confirm YES (jog knob to the right)

Once the below screen appears, remove power, wait 30 seconds, then reconnect

Once the firmware is installed, you can verify that it has properly loaded by viewing the System/System Status/ Hardware Info page, and verifying the Dice Firmware Version is 1000b(note that this Dice Firmware version display only appears starting in V 3.20.32)   

The update is complete. You can return the unit back to normal service.

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