How to reset Omnia Classic and Omnia-3 passwords

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This document applies to the legacy Omnia Classic and Omnia-3 processors and explains how to reset the passwords to the factory defaults.

The Process

The default passwords supplied with the unit are "vito" (all lower case) for Normal mode and "tomtom" (all lower case) for Engineer mode.

To return the passwords to these defaults:

  1. Remove power from the unit.
The processor MUST be powered down before proceeding.
  1. Remove the top cover.
  2. Short out the two leads of the purple, cylindrical lithium battery on the motherboard for thirty seconds with a clip lead.
  3. Replace the top cover and re-apply power to the processor.
Upon booting up, there may be a message that says "No Previous System Found In Memory". This is normal since you just cleared the NVRAM memory on the motherboard. Simply click the jog wheel on OK.
The passwords can be set to the default without losing presets because they are stored on the PCMCIA software card, which is not affected in the password reset.

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