Setting Omnia.9 Silence Detection Duration

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This document covers setting the Omnia.9 silence detection duration for use with automatic input failover.


Q: I’m looking to set the duration of silence on the primary input source before it switches to secondary source. Is it the "Silence Detect"/"Program Detect" controls under System/ I/O Options/Silence Detection or the "Channel Loss Timeout" control under input x Source Audio / Auto Balance?


A: That would be the Silence Detect

From the manual Page 171: The Silence Detect control determines how long Omnia.9 will wait before switching over to the secondary input source. It also determines how long the unit will wait before switching back to the Primary source upon loss of the secondary source if the Input Preference control in the System / I/O Options / Input x menu is set to "Current". If the Input Preference control is set to "Primary", the Program Detect control adjusts how long the unit will wait once it has determined that audio has been restored to the primary input. When the Input Preference control is set to "Current", this control has no effect.

The threshold audio level where the signal is considered silence is fully adjustable. Because this feature is available independently for each input source, the control is located in the System > I/O Options > Source Adjustment menu. There are separate adjustments for each physical input, and for each Livewire input.

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