Pro Tools does not see my iLok license(s)


Pro Tools does not see my plug-in license(s), returning an error stating that a trial license has expired, or that the license doesn’t exist at all.


It is likely that you need to perform a "Sync/Repair" on your iLok dongle, through the iLok License Manager. Initially, make sure that you are running the latest version of the iLok License Manager. You can check your version number by selecting "About…" under the iLok License Manager’s "Help" menu.

Requirements, Steps, Etc.

  1. Launch the iLok License Manager.
  2. Sign In to your iLok account.
  3. Insert the iLok(s) containing your SurCode license(s).
  4. Right-click "Sync/Repair" in the appearing menu.
  5. After this process has completed, your license(s) should function normally.

*Note: You may need to restart your computer after performing an iLok Sync/Repair.

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