Quasar Direct-Mount Kit Installation Guide

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This guide is for customers wishing to forgo a frame and directly mount their Quasar Console Modules into their tabletop surface. We have released direct-mount kits for Master Modules and XR/SR Fader Modules. Telos Alliance part numbers for these kits include:

  • 2011-00809-000 - Quasar Direct-Mount kit, 1.5U wide for use with MTS-MON Modules
  • 2011-00808-000 - Quasar Direct-Mount kit, 1U wide for use with XR and SR 4-FDR Modules

Installation Guides

Quasar direct-mount kits consist of three hardware plates with accompanying screws that allow a module to be sunken into a studio surface, sitting flush with the table top. By following the specifications on these guides, modules can be placed individually, side by side, or radially on a curved work surface.

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