Quasar Surface IP Address Issue


There is a known issue with Quasar MTS software version and older where a certain IP address will be rejected from the front panel.


When setting the IP address of the Quasar surface, you may notice that it won't accept IP addresses in certain ranges. For example, entering into the IP Address field of Quasar's System Setup page of the touch screen and pressing Save and Reboot results in the IP Address reverting to This does not happen with most IP addresses.

Solution & Work Around

The Quasar development team has identified the problem and will be including the fix in the next Quasar software release.

In the meantime, you can set the IP address of the Quasar Master module to an IP address that it will accept, log into the configuration website using a PC on the substitute subnet, and change the IP address to the desired value using the Network Setup page.

The master module will accept the IP address until the next time Save and Reboot is selected from the Quasar's System Setup page of the touch screen.

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