"Cannot Find Audio Hardware" error message

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This document applies to 25-Seven Voltair units, both Analog and AES.

The Error Message

This message typically means there is a communication problem with the internal audio board.

One thing to check in the field is that all internal cables are tightly seated.

To check the interior connections:

  1. Unplug the Voltair
  2. Remove the top cover
  3. Ensure that all audio cables inside are seated properly, paying particular attention to the area circled:
  4. Power the Voltair back up and see if the issue persists

Sending Telos Support the 30-day Logs

If the error message is still present after checking the internal wiring, we ask that you email us the 30-day logs of your Voltair, found under the Utilities tab of your web UI.

We also ask that you include the serial number of your unit.

Let us know how we can help

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