RJ-45 to balanced or unbalanced audio cable wiring

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This document covers the pinouts for connection to the RJ-45 audio connectors on the back of all Axia devices. This is commonly referred to as the Studiohub wiring standard.

RJ45 to balanced / unbalanced audio cable wiring, commonly known as Studiohub.


General pinouts

XLR pinout guide

1/4" or 1/8" TRS guide

RJ-45 Male guide

Unbalanced RCA or Phono

Unbalanced Stereo TRS

Pre-made adapter cables

8 Inch (200mm) Adapter Cables.

Adapter cables are custom-made to facilitate speedy hookup of audio sources to Telos Alliance Mixed Signal Node and AES/EBU Interfaces. Standard-length short Stereo analog cables; 2 inputs each.

The following Telos part numbers are available for 8 inch (200mm) cables;

  • 2091-00130-000: XLR Male to RJ-45 Female
  • 2091-00131-000: 1⁄4" TRS to RJ-45 Female
  • 2091-00132-000: RCA phono dual plugs to RJ-45 Female
  • 2091-00129-000: XLR Female to RJ-45 Female
6 foot (2 meter) Adapter Cables.

In addition to extra length, these cables’ male RJ-45s plug directly into Axia nodes without the need for an intermediate patch cable. The perfect, convenient single-cable solution for easily placing sources and Nodes in adjacent EQ racks. Extra-long Stereo analog cables; 2 inputs each.

The following Telos part numbers are available for 6 foot (2 meter) cables;

  • 2091-00123-000: Dual XLR Female to RJ-45 Male
  • 2091-00124-000: Dual XLR Male to RJ-45 Male
  • 2091-00125-000: Dual 1⁄4" TRS to RJ-45 Male $30
  • 2091-00126-000: Dual RCA phono plugs to RJ-45 Male

Contact your Axia dealer for cabling options.

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