Installing Kantar Licenses on Omnia.9

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This document covers the details about installing licenses for Kantar on the Omnia.9.


You'll need an Omnia.9 license code as well as licenses obtained from Kantar directly.


In the case of Omnia.9, you need ONE Kantar (KTR) code from us, to enable Kantar functionality in Omnia.9.

Once you have that, you will have access to the System / I/O Options / Kantar page using the NfRemote. It will not work in front of the unit; NfRemote access to the unit is needed. This page will have sub-pages for each of your Omnia.9 audio processor cores, such as FM, HD1, HD2, and HD3.

Click Download Authorization Code and a window will pop up asking where to save a text file.

Here is a sample of the text file that gets created:


Omnia.9 mkII, host name: OMNIA9-99903

Kantar Media

Your authorization code is:

Connect to to receive your license file.
You can attach this file to your license request.


The authorization code is hardware based so you only need to do this ONCE for an Omnia.9, no matter how many cores you have enabled.

Kantar will send you a KantarMedia license and an Audience license, which you can upload to as many cores as you like.

The Audience license may contain multiple Channel codes, which is Kantar’s equivalent of the Nielsen CBET ID.

IMPORTANT - If you want to encode an FM and three HDs with separate codes, you will have to let Kantar know, so that they can generate an Audience license with the correct amount of channels.

Here’s what it looks like with the license they sent me for development. The “Certif” channel is what I had to use to pass their certification tests:

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