Disable the IGMP Querier function on QOR for iQ and Radius

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This document applies to the enabling and disabling of the IGMP snooping querier function in a QOR32 or QOR16.


Without going into too much detail, every Livewire network must have an IGMP snooping querier. Think of this as the telephone operator for all of the multicast audio that happens on your network.

The IGMP querier function is built-in to the QOR so that for smaller networks, you don't need to spend thousands of dollars on a Cisco switch for this function. The rule of thumb, you can run up to three QOR Engines without a separate switch.

For more extensive networks with more capable switches installed, we don't want the QORs acting as IGMP queriers.

Disabling the IGMP Querier.

  1. From a connected Web Browser, log in to the main web page of your QOR.
  2. On the left side menu, click on the link under the Switch heading for IGMP, as shown here.
  1. Uncheck the box next to the IGMP Querier Function: setting
  2. Click Apply
Unchecking this box disables the IGMP querier function only in this unit. You must have AT LEAST ONE on your network.
  1. Repeat this step for any other QOR where you wish to disable this function.

Verifying Querier Status

The IGMP page can be used to identify the IP address where the IGMP querier function is currently assigned. Generally, you want this to be the core Cisco switch that is properly programmed for this function.

Tech Tip: In the event that the QOR is disconnected from the switch running this function, you will want to turn this back on. Remember to disable again before connecting it back to the rest of your system.

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