Setting up a VX Studio (with an Axia Console)


This article applies to all Telos VX Series systems. It describes how to configure a Studio for use with an Axia console with VSet or call control module.

Create a new VX Studio

  1. Log in to your VX's web configuration interface and navigate to the Configuration -> Studios page.
  2. Click Add New.
  1. Name the Studio, specify how many hybrids (channels) the studio needs, and click Apply.

Once you click Apply, the Selectable Channels configuration section will appear. The Enable checkbox and three fields to the left configure the hybrid's output.

  1. Check the Enable checkboxes.
  2. Name the Hybrid outputs appropriately
  3. Enter new Livewire Channel numbers
  4. Set the Channel mode to Live Stereo
  5. Enter a Livewire Channel number for Program On Hold.
  6. Set the Program on Hold Type to From Source
  1. Click Apply
The Program on Hold audio is generally the program output from the console. This is the audio all callers placed on hold in this studio will hear, so it should be pre-delay. Program on Hold audio is required in VX or else the system providing SIP will drop calls placed on hold for 30 seconds.

Set up Console Sources

This completes the VX Studio configuration. It's time to move on to configuring the Console's source profiles and the call controller if present. Here is a list of articles about the different Axia console systems:

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