How to resolve "Remote MediaStream"

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The Infinity VIP intercom system uses WebRTC for the connection of the panels. When connecting to the panels, you should see a "Connected" message in the bottom right. One of the more common errors you might see is "Remote MediaStream". There are a couple of things to keep in mind with this message.

How to resolve "Remote MediaStream"

The Remote MediaStream errors means that your web browser cannot properly access the I/O on your computer. Without being able to connect to the I/O, the VIP panel will not properly connect.

You'll see the "Remote MediaStream" message in the bottom right of the panel:

Here are some possible fixes:

  • You may have a browser incompatibility. Google Chrome is the only support browser for VIP at this time. If you are using any other browser, and see "Remote MediaStream", try changing to Google Chrome.

  • Check and make sure that Google Chrome has permission to use your Microphone and Speaker. To check this in Google Chrome, go to the 3 vertical dots > Settings > Privacy and Security > Site Settings.

  • It may be possible that there are no speakers or microphones connected to the computer. If there are no speakers or microphones connected, then Google Chrome will not be able to connect to the panel.

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