Why don't the meters work on my xNode web page

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This document covers issues when trying to view meters on the webpage of a node where you may receive a message that the meters have timed out.


Often a customer will report to us that the meters don't work on their xNodes. The issue is not specific to the xNode but can be with any web page that is displaying HTML 5 meters. Modern versions of web browsers have stopped supporting programs like Java, Flash, and Silverlight, which have been the more traditional way of showing meters.

The way HTML meters work is to employ a technique called HTTP long-polling where we open an HTTP socket and then leave it open for a "long" time so we can receive the real-time meter data from the node.

The Problem

Modern anti-virus and anti-malware programs often "proxy" your web browsing data so that they can inspect it before they deliver it to you. In other words, when you click on a link, the software receives all of the data first, makes sure it's safe, and then runs it in your browser. With these HTML meters, the end of the data never comes because we want to continuously "listen" to the meter data.

Either that or the security software closes the connection outright, thinking it's a security exploit.

The Solution

The way to fix this is first to disable any security software you have running. This software might include the Windows Firewall or Windows Defender software. Disabling these programs altogether and then trying your meters again, confirms that it is the issue. If your meters work, you can add rules to your software to allows specific devices or a specif range of device IP Addresses to be exempt from these rules and will enable you to see your meters.

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