Reset iQx Web UI Password

Updated by Bryan Jones


This procedure is needed when the iQx web Ui password is changed and subsequently forgotten.

The default web UI credentials are:
Username: user
Password: (none)

Please ensure these credentials do not work in the iQx web UI before proceeding.


  1. SSH to the iQx on standard port 22. Popular SSH tools for Windows include puTTY and MobaXTerm, using the following SSH credentials.
  2. Username: user
    Password: (none)
  3. Run the following commands.
    1. su
    2. rm /etc/iQx/config/htaccess.cfg
      This directly modifies the iQx filesystem. Be sure you type these commands exactly as shown. Modifying or removing any other files may result in boot failures that may require factory repair.

      If you are not comfortable with this process, please contact us for assistance.
  4. Remove power from the iQx. It is easiest to remove the IEC connector from the inline transformer instead of from the bottom of the console.
  5. Reapply power. The unit will fully boot in ~45 seconds.
  6. The web UI password is now reset, and you can log in with the default credentials.
    1. Username: user
      Password: (none)

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