How to connect non-balanced devices to RJ-45 inputs and outputs

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This document covers the connection of non-balanced circuits to RJ-45 inputs and outputs on your Axia devices. These suggestions follow wiring conventions commonly known as Studiohub.


When possible, it's best to use a balancing amplifier for connecting non-balanced to balanced circuits. However, if you chose to proceed with out one, here are some suggestions.

Connection scenarios

Determine the type of circuit of your device before choosing your connection configuration

Connecting balanced outputs to an unbalanced inputs

Axia devices use an electronically balanced floating output (no transformer). This is the topology of the differential instrumentation chips such as those made by Texas Instruments, Analog Devices & THAT Corp. Connect the "-" output pin to ground (shield) as shown.

The output level will not change, but the headroom will decrease by 6dB.

Connecting unbalanced output signals to balanced inputs

Connect the "-" output pin to ground (shield) as shown.

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