Telephone dialing modes for Fusion and Element consoles

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This article applies to the Element and Fusion console dialing methods when using a Telos VX phone system.


The following methods of dialing are rarely used. We are providing this information because it is possible to unknowingly get your console into one of these other dialing modes and have it not work how you intend it to.

This setting is often the issue when someone says, "I can't dial out"

The dialing modes are;

  • 123 - this is the numeric dialing we're all used to.
  • SIP - if you are making a native sip call
  • ABC - Allows you to send other than numeric characters

These are indicated by a (very) small icon in the corner of the screen where the dialed numbers are displayed.

Changing the mode

The mode is changed by holding the # (pound or hash) key for more than three seconds. Each time you press and hold the # key, the mode will cycle between 123, SIP, and ABC.

In the ABC and the SIP mode, the buttons are multi-function. For example, the number 2 key would produce A, B, C, then 2. The number 3 key produces D, E, F, then 3. And so on.

If you inadvertently get to one of the other modes, the # key will no longer work as the SEND key. You need to press and hold the # until you are back to the 123 mode.

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