What do the LED colors mean on xNodes?

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This article applies to all variants of the Telos Alliance xNodes. This includes;

  • Analog xNode
  • AES/EBU xNode
  • Mixed Signal xNode
  • Microphone xNode
  • GPIO xNode

It describes the purpose of the tricolor LED on the front of each device.


The xNodes listed above can be powered by either AC Main power, 48 volt POE power, or both. There is a tricolor LED on the front that indicates the current power status.

The LED is located right below the two buttons as indicated in this picture.

The three colors are;

  • GREEN - AC Power ONLY
  • RED - POE Power ONLY
  • AMBER (may look orange to some) - BOTH POE and AC Power
Presently these colors are fixed and are not changeable.

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