How do I get a Quasar Soft and Quasar Cast license?

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Version 2.0 and higher of Quasar system software includes an HTML5 interface that allows you to control and monitor your Quasar Console from any Web Browser. This document explains how you can obtain a Quasar Soft and Quasar Cast license key for your console.

A single license activates Quasar Soft and Quasar Cast. You do NOT need to request keys for each feature.


Version 2.0 for Quasar includes some major updates. Among those is the addition of Quasar Soft (control) and Quasar Cast (audio monitoring). For a full description of Quasar Soft, please visit the Quasar Soft page at our website by clicking here.

Quasar Soft and Quasar cast are an optional item that can be activated with a license key. Contact any AXIA dealer and purchase a 3002-00107-000: Quasar Soft License.


If you have your key and are looking for instructions, click here for a document on installing the code.

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