Will the Axia IQ 6-Fader Phone module completely control the IQ6 Gateway?

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This article applies to the following products;

  • 2001-00248-000: Telos iQ6 Six-Line Telco Gateway for iQ
  • 2001-00342-000: Hx6 POTS + Livewire and Analog I/O
  • 2001-00343-000: Hx6 POTS + Livewire and AES I/O

It covers control of these Talk Show systems using a 2001-00284-000: iQ 6-Fader Telco Expansion Frame.


Customer asks;

Will the Axia IQ 6-Fader Phone expansion module completely control the IQ6 Telco Gateway?  Is a VSET phone needed with this system?


Yes, the iQ 6-Fader Phone expansion module can fully control the iQ6 or Hx6 Telco Gateways. No Telos VSet is required.

The only difference between the iQ6 and the Hx6 is the audio I/O. The iQ6 is Livewire only and has no Analog or AES inputs or outputs. The Hx6 has Livewire AND Analog (or AES) inputs and outputs.

The expansion module has six line selectors, a dial pad, hold, transfer, drop, and block buttons. Because there is no "handset" in this case, the caller audio is heard by placing the phone source in Preview to hear the caller. The operator then talks into the Operator Microphone which is fed pre-on/off to the caller. It's very similar to having a speakerphone conversation.


See our document on configuration of your Hx6 or iQ6 on your iQ Console.

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