Phone Control from Element / Fusion - VX


The intent of this document is to cover the configuration of an Element or Fusion 2-fader call control module to control a Telos VX System.  It presumes that the VX system has been configured, has extensions registered with a SIP server, Shows and Studios have been configured, is present on the Axia Ethernet network, and is running up-to-date software.  If the VX is not completing calls, you'll want to troubleshoot this first. This document is meant to cover Element and Fusion version 3 or higher. Older versions will have a variation to this instruction.

Configuring the Source Profile

  1. Log in to the console or the PowerStation and find/create a PHONE source profile for the first phone channel. Set up the profile as normal, providing the LW channel number of the “hybrid” in the phone system to be controlled and aired from the console.
  2. In the PHONE CONTROL section, click the radio button next to CALL CONTROLLER 1 under US PHONE and set the value to 1. This links this source to the left column of the controller.
  3. (Optional) Check the “Mashing Allowed” checkbox to enable button mash conferencing to that hybrid.

  1. If a second phone channel is needed at the console, repeat this with the second source profile, except put a number “2” in the HYBRID field to tell the console that the second channel is controlled by the right hand column.
 Leave FIXED LINE set to “0” for this configuration.

Element / Fusion Show Profile:

The next thing to do is to tell the Element or Fusion which Show or Studio to log into. This is done in the Element / Fusion Show profile. Go to SHOWS and select a show profile from the list. Scroll to the bottom of the fader list and click PHONE.

The setup here will be ever-so-slightly different depending on what system you are working with:

  1. For PHONE TYPE, choose “VX” by clicking the radio button. 
  2. Enter the IP address of the VX system.
  3. Enter the name of the VX Studio into the STUDIO NAME field.
A VX Studio whose name is configured as "Control Room" is used in the screenshot below. The Studio Name will come from the name of the VX Studio configured in the VX engine.
  1. If you would like to force the VX Studio to load a particular VX Show (collection of lines) when this console show profile is loaded, enter the name of the VX Show into the SHOW NAME field. If you would like VX to retain the current VX Show (collection of lines) when this console profile is loaded, leave the SHOW NAME field blank.
  2. VX Shows do not require a password, so leave the SHOW PASSWORD field blank.
  3. When you have the correct information entered, click SAVE CHANGES to save and return to the show profile. 
  4. Click SAVE CHANGES in the show profile to finalize.

The example above shows the default IP address of the VX Enterprise and Prime Plus systems.  You will need to enter the information that applies to your setup.  

After saving these changes and reloading the show on the Element / Fusion, the call controller will be able to control the talkshow system similar to a VSet in Talent mode.

Note that the pound (#) button must be used to execute dialing on outgoing calls from the console.

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