Removing a CAN Bus distribution board from an Element console

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This document shows the removal of the right-hand console end components parts; however, you may choose either end to remove.


The end molding must be removed first. It is attached with 8 or 9 screws as shown in the illustration below. You will need to remove the modules from the console to access the screws to remove the molding. Once the molding is removed, the aluminum side panel is removed, after which the existing board can be removed and new parts installed.

Location of the attaching screws

Exposing the side plate
  1. One screw is accessed from under the front palm rest, as shown here.
  1. Five screws are accessed from the inside of the console frame as shown here.
Modules must be removed to access these screws.
  1. Three screws are accessed from under the overbridge as shown here.
Depending upon the age of your console, it is possible that only the two screws shown at the left of this picture are present. Don't panic if there is a screw missing.
Once the side molding is removed, the console side plate is accessible.
Removing the side plate
  1. Remove 15 screws holding the side plate to the other parts.
Note that there are nine long screws and six short screws to be removed. The location of the long screws are noted in the following photo with red circles; locations of the shorter screws are circled in yellow.
Removing the CanBus distribution board
In the photo below, the side panel is removed. The area we will focus on to remove the CANBus board and install the new board is within the red square.

The photo below shows a close-up of the rear channel where the boards are mounted. The existing board is mounted in two slots (marked with red arrows). The bottom metal, enclosed in the yellow rectangle, prevents the CANBus board from being slid out of that channel. 

In order to remove the existing board, separate the two extruded aluminum pieces slightly, allowing the bottom piece to fall away, as shown in the picture below.

Install the new board

If you installing a replacement CanBus Distribution Board you are finished. Reassemble the console in the reverse direction.

If you are UPGRADING to an ETH4CAN board, proceed to the next steps in the instructions.

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