Downloading Cue Tone Files for Local Ad Insertion

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This document describes where to find the cue tone audio files for use when using the optional Local Input feature of the Omnia.9sg for local ad insertion.


The Omnia.9SG Manual on Pages 24 & 25, describes using cue tone files to avoid a delay after the insertion audio plays.

If you are using the (optionally licensed) Internal Input to insert local content into a network window, a certain period of waiting would be unacceptable. Therefore it is possible to dynamically cancel this waiting period by enabling “Cue Tone Detection” and inserting a set of proprietary cue tones at the end of the local break; because of the look-ahead feature on the Local Input, the cue tones are never heard on-air.

Downloading the Tones

Here is the link to download a .zip file containing the cue tones.

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