Updating your 25-Seven Program Delay Manager (PDM) to version 2.5.14

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This document applies to the 25-Seven Program Delay Manager (PDM) running version 2.5 (or higher) with Module numbers B600 and higher.  If you are running 2.4 (or older) or have a Module number B599 or lower, this update does not apply to you.
Note about file upload issues during this process
If you have issues where the update file will not upload to your PDM in the process of this update, please contact us. There is a condition where the internal logs do not rotate properly, filing up the temporary space needed to upload the update. This update also corrects that condition; however, Telos Support must manually remove the logs for you in order for the update to proceed.

Release Notes for this update

PDM 2.5.14 New Features (Sep 2021)

Downloads and instructions for this version are listed below under "Obtaining the files"

  • No new features in this version.
PDM 2.5.14 Fixes (Sep 2021)
  • Fixed an issue where email settings were still sending "auth on" to the server if both username and password are blank
  • Fixed minor issue if config variables NetInPins or NetOutPins were accidentally set too long would break the web UI

Previous Versions

The following are updates from other versions, which are also included in this update. You do not need to install previous versions. However, you may click the download link if you need that version.

PDM 2.5.13 New Features (May 2021)

Download version PDM-2.5.13

  • Added support for TLS-encrypted email servers (like Gmail).
Note for Gmail users. You must allow 2-factor authentication for your Gmail account and create (what Google calls) an Application Password. These are found under the Security settings in Gmail. Other services may have similar requirements.
PDM 2.5.13 Fixes (May 2021)
  • Fixed an issue where the web config page would not allow multiple, space-separated email addresses for PD Alerts.
  • Changes to Livewire configurations now take effect immediately.
  • Fixed issue where names for Livewire channels were not shown on the display.
  • Strange characters in email passwords (double-quote, back-tick, dollar sign, and backslash) are now handled correctly.
PDM 2.5.12 New Features (August 2020)

Download version PDM-2-5.12

  • Updated web UI to be HTML5; Adobe Flash no longer required
PDM 2.5.10 Fixes (May 7, 2019)

Download version PDM-2.5.10

  • Add Livewire silence and clipping detection
  • Add Livewire audio level metering
  • Add “LWStreamFail” GPO, which becomes active when Livewire stream fails
  • Add missing “Pause” GPI to Livewire web UI
  • Fixed rare issue where Livewire stream could fail if GPIO is being processed during network instability
  • Other internal clean-up (updated Copyright dates, etc.)
PDM 2.5.9 Fixes

Download version PDM-2.5.9

  • Add the ability to drive both old and new CFA635-TML-KU LCD displays
  • Fix crash when type "help help" into command interface
  • Other internal clean-up (updated Copyright dates, etc.)
PDM 2.5.8 Fixes

Download version PDM-2.5.8

  • Fixed issue where internal logs were not rotating correctly.
  • Fixed issue where, in rare cases, PDM might appear to go into BYPASS randomly.
  • Other internal clean-up (updated Copyright dates, etc.).
PDM 2.5.6 New Features (Sept 2016)

Download version PDM-2.5.6

  • Delayed data can now be received and sent over UDP packets. PDM now supports UDP, TCP, and RS-232 data delay
  • Added the ability to download delayed data log directly from hidden page downloaddatalog.html 
  • Added the ability to log all delayed data (and then download via downloaddatalog.html) by clicking the enabled checkbox for “Detailed logging” under the Delayed Data Streams option on the web configuration page
  • Add startup mode choice: bypass (default), empty, or building
  • Input sample rate changes are now automatically handled; the service menu now shows the internal sample rate; "AES/EBU input rate" menu on the web configuration page has been removed
  • Added "GMT+13" and "GMT+14" time zones
PDM 2.5.6 Fixes (Sept 2016)
  • Improved error messages when testing PD Alert emails.
  • Improved robustness of remote connections if the client was slow.
  • Now periodically log CPU temperature.
PDM 2.5.3 updates (May 2015)

Download version PDM-2.5.3

  • 01688: Fixed issue where Livewire GPIO input/output configuration popups were off by one.  For example, picking Flag 2 as input, you would need to pick Flag 1 as output. This issue was only a display issue; you do not need to update your configuration.
  • 01092: Add auto-restart to PDM watchdog service. If the internal application exits unexpectedly, it is logged and then immediately restarts the service.
  • 01706: Fixed issue where the system could crash if you inadvertently held the DUMP button for an extended period.
PDM 2.5.2 updates (Dec 2014)

Download version PDM-2.5.2

  • 01644: Setting Livewire source channel 2550 doesn't commit and reverts to former value. This caused PDM to reject a number of legal Livewire source channel numbers (e.g., 2550).
  • Updated installer so that it can only install on correct hardware platforms.
  • Fixed delayed data and GPIO to better align with the true audio delay.
LSP-3.6 updates (Dec 2014) 

Download version LSP-3.6

  • 01635: bash updated to close Shellshock vulnerability 
  • 01621: Add missing LAME libraries to allow MP3 encoding in PD­Alerts
  • 01620: Fix permissions on SMTP configuration, so PD­Alert Test works


Software releases are comprised of one or more software packages that you might obtain from various methods. Each file name will end with a standard .257 suffix, indicating a 25-Seven Systems software update.

Obtaining the files

There are three possible files needed depending on your current versions. Please compare the following files with the current version found on the WebUI under the INFORMATION link.

Click on the file name to download the file and store the file in a local directory on your computer. Please keep track of where you save them; you will need them in the next step.

  1. Take your PDM unit out of the air chain. Analog/AES users can place the PDM in Bypass mode.  Livewire users will want to route PDM out of the IP-audio program chain. 
  2. Log into the update page of your PDM by using a web browser. Do this by entering /update.html after the IP address of the unit (EG: Your user name is pdmweb, and your default password is pdmwebBXXX, where “BXXX” is the module number of your unit as found on the information screen. User-configurable web passwords were added in PDM version 2.0; check your LCD under “System” to verify the password if it has changed from the factory default.
  3. Follow on-screen instructions from the Update page: browse your computer to the first of the.257 files you were sent, choose the file, and then press Submit. Updating will take a couple of seconds. When complete, you should see a “Success” notification at the bottom of the browser page.  Use the “click here” link to return to the main browser page.
If your PDM versions already match the versions listed below, you do not need that update.  Current versions are found on the INFORMATION page.
  1. Repeat step 3 for each supplied update file, making sure to install in the following order. If the versions you have downloaded do not match these versions, please do not proceed and contact our support department.
    1. 1601-00491-011{AXIA-1.1.2}.257
    2. LSP-3.6.257
    3. 1601-00490-015{PDM-2.5.14}.257
  2. Return to the update page and verify the versions have been installed. If everything looks good, return to the web control pages by removing /update.html from the address line and then reloading the page.
  3. Once all updates have been loaded, power cycle your PDM.

Additional Notes

If you get a “Failure” message after attempting to install any package please contact us. We may ask you to install ClearProduct.257, then retry installing the package that failed.  ClearProduct.257 is a software utility that shuts down any resident software services that may be preventing the installer from doing its job. In most cases, you will not have to run this utility. Click here if you need to download the ClearProduct file.
After installing this update, you may need to flush your browser’s cache or force a reload to see any fields or features on the Configuration page. 
In some circumstances, if you are using Livewire, the Axia IP Driver does not start correctly after an update.  This is evident as the unit will constantly display “waiting for stream” on the main display.  If this happens, please return to Step 1 above and re-install just the AXIA-1.1.2 software.

Let us know how we can help

If you have further questions on this topic or have ideas about improving this document please contact us

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