I can't put calls on the air from the VSet

Updated 3 weeks ago by John (JP) Powell

The Telos VSet phone set has two modes of operation:

Talent Mode

This mode is for the operator(s) of the phone hybrid system. In this mode, calls can be placed on the air, taken to handset, placed on hold, added to the "Screen Hold" cue.

Producer Mode

This mode is for the call screener or similar. In this mode, the user has no control over hybrid functions. The call can be taken to the handset, placed on hold, or added to the "Screen Hold" cue, but can not control calls on air.

Changing VSet Modes

On the front panel of the VSet:

  1. Press the MENU button
  2. Press the numbered line key next to MODE

This will cycle the VSet between Talent and Producer modes.

  1. Press MENU again to exit.

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