Rack mounting an MPX node

Updated 1 year ago by Bryan Jones

All MPX Nodes come standard with a rack mount kit. Mounting options are the same as Axia xNodes since the chassis is the same. One unit can be be mounted in a single rack space, or two can be mounted side by side.

Mounting a sigle MPX node

Your MPX node will come with two short rack ears and one long rack ear that look like this.

Short rack ears for MPX node

Using a #2 Phillips screwdriver secure a short rack ear to one side of the MPX node using two M4 X 10MM flat head screws (provided). Secure the long ear to the opposing side.

For single node mounting, the long and short brackets can be mounted on either side of the MPX node for left or right hand mounting.

When mounted, the brackets will look like this.

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