Setting the Password for NfRemote Access to Omnia.9 Instances in Z/IPStream X/2 or X/20

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This document explains how to set the password for NfRemote access to an Omnia.9 instance in Z/IPStream X/2 or X/20.


When I try to connect to my Omnia.9 instance in with NfRemote it establishes a connection but says there is no password set so the remote connection is not allowed. Then it says that I can set it from the front panel. Since this is a software product and not a hardware Omnia.9 box, there is no front panel. What can I do?


By default, X/20 (or X/2) is set for a blank NfRemote password. This will work for a connection from the same machine, but not through a firewall. We'll use the virtual front panel from the Main Control Panel screen in X/20 (X/2) to set our password.

Navigate to the X/20 (X/2) "Main" (Control Panel) screen and click "Options" at the top of the window:

In the Options panel, Add your password to the second section as shown below, repeat it on the second line and then click the "Save" button at the bottom:

Now you should be able to access started Omnia.9 instances from NfRemote using their Port number.

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