I forgot my Hx6 / iQ6 Password

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This document is only applicable to the Hx6 and iQ6 broadcast phone systems.

Setting a Password

By default, the web interface of the Hx6 and iQ6 has no password. To access the pages, the username is "user" and the password field is left blank.

If you wish to add a password to access the web interface, you need to enter the password in the User Password section under the System tab.

Be sure to hit the Apply button at the bottom of the page for the new password to take effect.

I forgot my Password

If you change the password (which is blank by default) and forget that password, you will need to use the front panel to restore the unit to factory defaults.

Please note that this clears all settings.

To see how to restore the phone system to factory defaults, click here.

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